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First Year Fast Find

Living @ UNH

“I worried I would be the odd one out…”

Hannah O – junior from Atkinson, NH

“My first thoughts about being in a built-up triple were along the lines of, "Oh crap, I have to live with TWO people my first year! That room is going to be so cramped." I imagined my first year at UNH having no privacy or alone time living with two people. I was also really intimidated with the idea of the number three. At the time, I had two best friends and I knew how easy it was to team up and side with one person one minute and the other person the next. I was scared that this would be the case living with two strangers. I worried that I would be the odd one out or wouldn't get along with these two girls.

"Having two great roommates makes coming home a great feeling after a long day of classes and social time."

I would describe living in a built-up triple as comforting, stressful, and fun. Comforting is an adjective that would be appropriate for people who enjoy living with others. I really loved having two genuine people around me in the room to talk to when I was feeling sad, happy, or just wanted to have a mindless conversation. There are days when we all need someone to be there, even if we don't necessarily talk to that person. Living with two people can be stressful because there are irritating habits, noise issues, and the lack of privacy at certain times. It's hard to make a schedule around two people, so I just went outside or to the library a lot. Built-up triples can be fun because you get a shot at living with two people you really don't know, most of the time, and to try and survive the first year of college together. Luckily, as an incoming Freshman, you have two people who are experiencing the culture shock and fears that comes with first attending a university and being away from home.

Having two great roommates makes coming home a great feeling after a long day of classes and social time. There was something very stable about two roommates to me. I also feel that living with two people just teaches you a lot about others' habits, personalities, and emotions, among many other things. I truly think that living with people can increase one's awareness of the human condition. I would recommend any incoming freshman living in a built-up room to contact their roommates as soon as possible. We all had a thread going on Facebook where we talked about who was going to bring what and just got to know one another. Though meeting someone in person is always different, it was nice to have those safe topics or just simple interactions that sparked a bigger bond soon to come.”

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