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Assigned to a Built Up Quad?

After waiting anxiously, your housing assignment letter is finally here! You rip open the envelope and read where you’ll be living and it says….built up quad?!? What does that mean? Don’t fear – below we’ve got answers to your questions. We hope this page will leave you feeling informed and ready for your housing experience.

Q. What is a built up quad?

A.UNH has a policy of housing all first year students who request to live on campus. When requests exceed available space, we extend the capacity of some of our triple rooms to house four students. These spaces (combined with built up triples and lounges) house approximately one third of the first year students on campus as well as many upperclass students. You are not alone!

Q. Why was I assigned to a built up quad?

A. Rooms are assigned by an automated assignment process which places all first year students who have submitted their application by the deadline. The process incorporates your individual preferences, but with thousands of students all promised a space on campus, we can’t always give everyone their top choices.

Q. What does the room look like?

A. Because our halls are unique, built up quads differ from hall to hall. While the look and style of each room differs, each room will have enough desks, chairs, bureaus, and beds, some of which will be loft beds. Each student also has their own internet connection. Students share closet space. Our Photo Gallery has pictures of some typical built-up configurations in our residence halls.

Q. Will it be cramped in the room?

A. Well…maybe – how much stuff are you bringing? The rooms were all evaluated to ensure that the furnishings would fit in the available space, but if you are planning on bringing a big screen TV, puffy chair, and futon, you might find the space a bit limiting. Storage space is limited to the shared closet and under the beds, so we recommend bringing only what you need. If UNH isn’t far from home, bring what you need for one season at a time (you won’t need your snow boots in August). Get in touch with your roommates before move in to talk about who is bringing a TV, fridge, etc, to avoid duplicates.
There is no additional storage space in the halls and all furniture must remain in the room. Below are some creative ways students have maximized the floor space:
• Bunk the beds. Decide before coming who will get which bed to eliminate the “first come, first serve” rush.
• If you decide not to bunk the beds, bed risers are another way to gain extra storage. Some refrigerators or dressers will then fit underneath.
• Bring storage drawers or boxes that fit under your bed
• Use shelving units or stacking bins to use vertical space
• Make an ‘L’ formation with two beds or dressers or desks
• Make use of all flat surfaces (tops of desks, dressers, refrigerators, etc.)
• Move dresser or shelves into your closet
• Hang a shoe or sweater organizer in the closet to fit more items

Q. Is there a cost benefit?

A. Absolutely! Though your room is a quad, because it is built-up you are charged the regular rate for a triple – which is the lowest regular room rate. The charge is approximately $417 a semester less than the regular quad rate. That’s not pocket change!

Q. I looked my roommates up on Facebook – what if I know I won’t get along with them?

A. How can you know – you haven’t met them yet! I know it can be tempting to guess whether or not your roommates are a good match for you before you move in, but being good roommates is not always about shared interests. You can’t predict what your roommate relationships will be. Facebook profiles are not the same as people and, even if they were, people change – and quickly. If you have issues with your roommates after you move in, your resident assistant will be able to talk with you and help you find solutions. For now – breathe, keep an open mind, and stay positive…you might be very pleasantly surprised!

Q. How will I be able to study and sleep in a quad?

A. This is a concern for all new college students, but with three roommates it is definitely crucial to be open and honest with one another. We encourage roommates to have open communication about any issues, even before they arrive. Take the time early on to talk to your roommates about important issues such as visitors, quiet time, sleep schedule, etc. Your resident assistant (RA) will be available to prompt discussion of these issues with all residents of the room. The RA will help resolve any difficulties that may come up during the semester. As with any shared living situation, there will definitely be compromises, but if you work together you’ll be more likely to have a positive experience.

Q. How long do I have to live in a built up quad? Can I change rooms?

A. Lots of students who were initially concerned about living in a built-up quad ended up loving them, choosing to remain in the room even when they had the opportunity to move into a double. For students who wish to move out of their built-up quad, there is assistance. As space becomes available, students living in built-up quads will be offered the chance to move. We can’t predict, however, when we will have vacancies to offer. If you want to talk to an assignments specialist before arriving on campus, please call our office at 603.862.2120. Once you move on campus, each hall has a Residence Hall Director who can work with you to seek another available space. Check in with your RHD to get information about switching rooms.

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