First Year

Residents haning outYour first year at UNH offers an amazing opportunity to meet new people, starting with your roommates!  Most first-year roommates are


randomly matched based on their answers to 7 lifestyle questions on the housing application.  Assignments are typically available in early July.  An email will be sent to your UNH account with instructions for looking up your assignment and roommate. We encourage you to contact your roommate to introduce yourself and to begin talking about things like who will bring what, who might like the top bunk and what you hope to get out of the roommate experience.  

We understand that some students have long established friendships and would like to request to live together.   Specific roommate requests are accepted until Friday, May 29th via the online housing application.  Roommate requests must be mutual. If the roommate request is confirmed to be mutual by May 29th, we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Through May 1, you will be able to enroll & sign-up for on-campus housing.

The first-year enrollment and housing/dining application is available online through our housing online module . You can also pay your enrollment and housing/dining fee there.

First year application

Follow the on-screen instructions to select your housing and dining preferences. 

Online via e check: click Pay Online via E-Check and follow the instructions. Or print an invoice at the Print a Bill and Mail In Check link and mail it with your check.

  • Login to MyUNH
  • Select the UNH tab at the top of the page, then select the Webcat/Services tab from the secondary tab set and find the First Year Student Enrollment and Housing/Dining Application in the Housing Online Module, click continue.
  • From the Summary Page, click Update My Choices.


Change, edit or update your information and "resubmit" application.