McLaughlin Hall

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McLaughlin is a small hall, with many residents whom enjoy the strong sense of community within the building, as well as its great location. Situated on a hill overlooking the western side of campus, McLaughlin is surrounded by trees and grassy areas. It is close to Stillings Dining Hall, Dimond Library, Paul College, The Whit, Campus Rec, outdoor pool, Amtrak station, and The Diary Bar.

Meet the Hall Director

Sarah Stephens
For life after grad school, I longed for a job blending my values of leadership, service, diversity, community, adventure, and education – being a hall director at UNH easily met this criteria. It offers an array of opportunities including the ability to integrate my love for student development, mentoring, and experiential learning into McLaughlin Hall.

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Cable TV & HBO
Inside bike storage
Vacation housing
Wi-Fi Internet
Bunkable Beds