Haaland Hall

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Completed in 2008, Haaland Hall houses students from a diverse array of backgrounds and represent many different identities and personalities. It is home to many engineering students due to its close proximity to the Engineering school in Kingsbury Hall. Haaland houses singles, doubles, triples, and in four and five person suites. There is a community kitchen, laundry room, lots of study space, several TVs, two academic classrooms, and air-conditioning, as well as a volleyball court outside.

Meet the Hall Director

Nhien Quach
During my undergrad, I got an opportunity to work with a Residence Hall Director who not only told me I can do whatever I set my mind to but also pushed me to step out of my comfort zones and challenge me to be the best version of myself. That changed my life.


Haaland Floor Wars
Haaland Study Lounges
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Number of Residents



The Timbers


Cable TV & HBO
Sports courts
Wi-Fi Internet

Things Unique

  • Newest residence hall
  • Traditional and suite-style rooms
  • Only residence hall with a clock tower!