Community Assistant

Thank You for Your Interest in Becoming a Community Assistant!

The undergraduate apartments (Gables and Woodside), Babcock Hall and Adams Tower West are home to approximately 1,800 sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students. With nearly 1,000 students living at the Gables, 400 students at Woodside, 180 students at Adams Tower West, and 180 students at Babcock Hall, our area is an exhilarating place to be.

One of the most common questions we get is: what is the difference between a Community Assistant (CA) and a Resident Assistant (RA)?  The quick answer is that RAs are part of the Department of Residential Life and are primarily focused on individual student development and CAs are part of the Department of Housing and are primarily focused on overall community development. While there are subtle differences between the positions, the most important similarity is that CAs and RAs both share a common dedication to helping their residents have successful tenures here at UNH.

We're Excited to Read Your Application!

Thomas Quillen  
Donna Han
Gables Complex Manager
Greg Goulski
Gables Apartment Manager
Amanda Viens
Woodside Apartment Manager

Thomas Quillen
Assistant Hall Manager,
Adams Tower West

  Holly Ange
Babcock Hall Manager