Choosing an Apartment

There are two on-campus apartments, The Gables and Woodsides!  The Gables and Woodside apartments house groups of 3, 4, 5, and 6. Apartment perks include full kitchens (but you may certainly still purchase a meal plan if you wish), bathrooms, common living areas to share with your friends, utilities (including cable, Wi-Fi, heat, and electricity), free housing during Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks and Gables shuttle service to everywhere on campus! You can be assigned to the apartments in one of two ways:

  • Most assured way is to be pulled in by current apartment residents.
  • Pull together a group of residence hall students and apply for an apartment matching your group size.

If you have concerns about paying the housing deposit, please come to the Housing Office to discuss what options are available to you. You must do this before the payment deadline of Feb 19 at 5pm.


Worried about not getting an apartment?

You don’t need to be. When indicating your preference for an apartment on your On-line Housing Reapplication, you will be asked about your back-up plan. Knowing this will allow us to be ready to activate your eligibility for In-Hall or Between-Hall if you don’t get an apartment. It’s the best of both worlds - you can try for an apartment on-line with no risk of losing out on residence hall options.