On-Campus Request Form (Waitlist)

The spring on-campus housing request form (waitlist) will be available both in our office and online beginning at 9:00am on Wednesday, October 8, 2014:

Below are some common questions to help you with any confusion you may have.


The spring on-campus housing request will be available both in our office and online beginning at 9:00am on Wednesday, October 8, 2014.  Please use the online submission form above to quickly submit your request for on-campus housing.

You can confirm your request has been received by contacting the Housing Department at (603) 862-2120 or at housing.office@unh.edu.

If you have special circumstances that may need consideration, staff, please send the information to housing.office@unh.edu or fax it to our office at 603.862.3406.

There are two things that may improve your chances:

  • Submit your completed request as soon as possible after the process opens
  • Stay flexible with your housing preferences.

It depends on the number of vacancies after the housing processes are done and on cancellations after that time. Space often becomes available between semesters if students decide not to return to UNH.

Spring semester is when the most housing is available.

We usually start making offers in June for fall housing, and in December for the spring semester. Because we receive last minute cancellations we sometimes make offers right up to the start of the semester; however there is no way to predict when our last round will be made.

You will receive an email from us with specifics on whether you will be accommodated in the on-campus apartments or the residence halls, and how to officially accept your offer. You will not receive your official assignment until closer to the start of the semester.

No, you will only receive notification if we can make you an offer or if we have other housing information.

We will try to accommodate your preference but we are not always able to do so. Please note that offers are typically for spaces in the on-campus undergraduate apartments.