Call Dibs


We strongly encourage you to put your group on the Call Dibs Apartment Waitlist by emailing with your group members' names, emails and desired apartment type. 



Who’s eligible?

From 9am on October 10, 2016, current apartment residents and their pull-ins have EXCLUSIVE access to make their 2017-2018 apartment selections online. At least one member of the group MUST be a current resident at Gables or Woodside. Group members can be current apartment residents, current residence hall residents, and off-campus students currently enrolled in full-time courses at UNH.

Beginning at 9am on November 7, 2016, the apartment sign-up process will be open to all current on campus residents.  Current residence hall students and their pull-ins can participate without an apartment resident in their group.  The online apartment selection process will continue until all apartments have been filled.

How Does It Work?

If you’re interested in living in the on-campus apartments for the 2017-2018 academic year, we encourage you to partake in the online apartment selection process as soon as you are ready. Last year, Gables and Woodside filled up quickly.

Each individual will need to complete an application through the link above.  The group leader will create a group name and password and share it with all intended group members.  Once all applications are complete and the group has been verified, the group leader can select an apartment from a list of what is still available.  During this process, each page of the application will provide instructions; be sure to read carefully.

If no apartments are available to select at your selection time, we encourage you to place your group on our apartment waitlist.  A lot can change between now and next fall!!!!  You can do so by emailing with your group members' names, emails and desired apartment type.  Any residence hall student who misses the opportunity to select an on-campus apartment can still partake in the residence hall sign-up process which will occur in March, 2017.

Groups must completely fill an apartment in order to be able to select that apartment. For instance, if there are 4 people in your group, you will be able to select a 4-person apartment. You will not be able to select a 5 or 6-person apartment. Woodside Apartments offers all 4-person apartments comprised of 2 double rooms. Gables Apartments offers a variety of apartment styles which house 3-7 people. Please be aware that most apartments at Gables are 6-person apartments comprised of 3 double rooms. Other apartment styles are limited. All apartments are first-come first-served during the online apartment selection process.

Did You Know?

  1. There is NO deposit required. In lieu of students submitting a deposit in order to secure their apartment space, they will agree to our Cancellation Fee Policy outlined in the Room & Board Agreement.

  2. Students may not move from the apartments to the residence halls unless granted an exception to do so. Please keep that in mind as you make your housing selection for the 2017-2018 year. More information about this policy is located in the Room & Board Agreement which you will agree to during the online apartment selection process.

  3. Woodside and Gables apartments may be co-ed. Bedrooms are always same-sex occupancy.

  4. You can use Roommate Classified to find additional people to fill your apartment group.

  5. Off-campus students will be eligible to be pulled-in to an apartment group, but cannot form a group on their own.

Housing Office Mission

Our mission is to provide residents and University guests with a safe, comfortable, and affordable living environment that promotes learning, social interaction and personal growth; to maintain facilities, advance technology and provide services that are attentive to resident needs and concerns; and to ensure efficient and effective management of operations and resources.

Residential Life Mission

Creating engaged communities and supporting individual development are important goals, and can stand on their own. However, they also intersect and impact each other. We challenge, nurture and support our students and community through our Department Curriculum Goals: involvement, academics, social justice and healthy living. All of these goals are accomplished through active and passive programming, casual and directed developmental contact with students, and intentional supervision of resident assistants and assistant hall directors.