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2016-2017 On-Campus Apartment Selection

UPDATE! Response and interest to the early apartment selection process has been overwhelming! At this time we anticipate that after processing the hundreds of applications we’ve already received, all Gables apartments will have already been chosen for the 2016-2017 academic year. In lieu of scheduling further sign-up appointments, we ask that instead you drop your group’s completed and signed applications off to the Housing office front desk (10 Academic Way) and we will contact you when/if an apartment becomes available.

Please know that it’s our goal to accommodate as many residents as possible, and much can change between now and next fall, (cancellations, for instance), which would enable us to make offers to those who have not yet been promised a space.

As you submit your apartment applications to the Housing office, please note that expanding your preferences to include the Woodside apartments (4 person apartments comprised of 2 double rooms) will greatly increase the likelihood that we can eventually make an offer to you!

Apartment residents may move back into the residence halls only by exception. Exceptions are rarely granted, and are only granted for extenuating circumstances. If at any time you wish to seek an exception you will need to complete an Exception Request Form by contacting us.

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