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Completely digital, we offer 100 channels including HBO, ESPN, Discovery and more. Residents provide their own digital QAM cable-ready televisions and a cable. There is no hassling with monthly bills or connection charges. When you arrive on campus, all you need to do is connect your TV to the cable outlet and auto-program your TV and you're ready for action.


TV Lineup



You will need a QAM capable digital tuner television and a coax cable with two screw-on connectors at each end to receive UNH's digital broadcast. Most flat screen televisions manufactured since 2007 come equipped with the QAM tuner required for digital programming. Flat screen TVs made before 2007 may not.

If your TV does not have a QAM tuner please do not bring it to campus.



Check your manual for programming instructions.

Step 1

Many TVs are set to receive antenna (or off-air) signals by default. Adjust your TV to receive the cable signal. Usually this can be done with your remote control.


  • Press the MENU (or SETUP) button on your remote. (You should be taken either a blue screen with commands, or a screen with control icons on it.)

  • Look for a menu (usually called SETUP) that lets you choose your television's input source; you should use the CABLE input (or CATV,STD,HDTV,LINE).

Some tips:

  • Make sure CABLE is stored in the TV's memory. After selecting CABLE, exit completely from the menu, then go back into the menu and see if CABLE is still highlighted.

Sometimes, the cable switch is an actual switch on the TV itself. Look on the front and back of the set for any switches labeled ANT and CABLE. Once you find it, set it to CABLE.

Step 2

Scan and store your channels. This process stores the channels of the UNH’s cable system into your television's memory, and deletes any unused or inactive channels.

  • Select AUTOPROGRAM on the same menu where you selected CABLE. There may be a button on your remote that says AUTOPROGRAM,CHANNEL SCAN, AUTOSCAN.
  • Your screen will probably go blank or turn blue, and it will begin cycling through all of the cable channels.

**Do not interrupt the scan or you may have to start over.


The University of New Hampshire has expanded and unified its digital signage services. Now with more screens across campus, your flyers and videos can reach larger audiences too!

Submit your content now at: Look at the "Create-An-Ad" and "Guidelines" pages to see how to make great engaging flyers and videos and then follow the easy steps under the "Ad Submission" page.

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Cable TV Questions

If you have gone through the steps in this FAQ, and you are still having problems, fill out a Repair Request (building numbers can be found under Maintenance & Damage Billing), or contact the Catvision Office at 862-2253, or send us an e-mail at

Yes, the UNH Catvision cable system is completely digital. Make sure your TV has a QAM tuner or it will not work!

Some TVs and VCRs require the original remote control to access the on-screen programming features that are used to put it in CABLE mode. While you can purchase a universal programmable replacement, it may not allow you to access the unit's special programming features. Consult your owner's manual and, if necessary, call the manufacturer to order a replacement remote control. 

The UNH Catvision does not sell or give out remote controls.


This is because, using a TV antenna, you automatically receive broadcast VHF channels 2-13 (and UHF channels above 13). The TV thinks that you are using an antenna. If you can get the first 13 channels, then that proves there are no broken wires or damaged equipment between UNH cable and your room. Check your programming.

This probably means that, although your TV set is cable-ready it is only for up to 36 channels. This is a limitation of the TV, and unless you have another TV or a cable-ready VCR, you're stuck with it.

Your only options are to buy a cable-ready VCR, a converter box or a new TV.


If you have followed the instructions in our Set-Up Guide and are still experiencing this problem, make sure that the coaxial cable is of good quality and is securely connected. You may want to swap out your cable with a neighbor’s cable to see if the reception improves. If this does not help solve your problem, then you should contact the UNH Catvision office (862-2253) or you can fill out an Online Repair Form (building numbers can be found under Maintenance & Damage Billing). A technician may need to do an on-site visit.

If after following the instructions in our Set-Up Guide, there is still no signal, there may be a problem with your outlet. To report the problem to our office (862-2253) or fill out the Online Repair Form (building numbers can be found under Maintenance & Damage Billing).

Check with your floor mates to verify it is not a general floor problem, but rather a problem with your reception. If the problem is common among all of your floor mates, call CABLE (2-2253) to report the problem.

If not then:

  • Make sure all of your electronics are plugged in.
  • Make sure all of the cables are properly and securely attached.
  • If you are receiving only a few of the channels, verify that the TV or VCR is properly programmed. (Check to make sure you are in CATV mode, if your equipment requires this.)

If all else fails try using a different cable.
If you still have no service, then call CABLE (2-2253) and we will set up an appointment to help restore complete programming service.