Assistant Hall Directors

The Assistant Hall Director (AHD) AHD job is a crucial part of our Residential Life system. AHDs assist the Hall Director in each of our large halls with staff supervision and training as well as advising the hall council. This is a great opportunity for students who are looking into the Student Affairs field or just looking to increase their leadership skills.


Picture of Mitch Gustin

"My name is Mitch Gustin and I am the AHD for Stoke Hall. I am a senior majoring in Military History with a minor in Aerospace Studies and Political Science. For the past two years I have been an RA, first in Stoke my sophomore year and then Handler Hall my junior year. I have been a Cadet in the Air Force ROTC program since freshman year and I absolutely love it. I am a member of the Arnold Air Society which participates in a lot of community service projects around Durham. For fun, I like to play basketball, hangout with friends, and compete in intramurals."-Mitch Gustin - Stoke Hall




Picture of Alex Roscoe



"My name is Alex Roscoe and I’m the AHD for Williamson Hall. I am a senior in the occupational therapy program here at UNH and have a minor in dance and a concentration in deaf and hard of hearing studies. I have discovered a love for aerial dance while at UNH and hope to pick up the hobby again in the future. I am also the Vice President of the Student Occupational Therapy Association on campus. I hope to one day work with people who have spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. This is my third year working in Residential Life, as I have worked as a resident assistant in both Christensen and Haaland Hall. I have learned so much working for ResLife during my time here at UNH and it has really helped me to grow as an individual. I wouldn’t change my experience with ResLife in any way as these positions have “made” my college experience. I enjoy spending my free time outside as well as making crafts."-Alex Roscoe - Williamson Hall



Picture of Doug Desrochers


"Hey everyone, my name is Doug Desrochers and I'm the Assistant Hall Director of the Upper Quad. I am a senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. I spent my last 3 years at UNH living in Christensen Hall as a resident and as a Resident Assistant for 2 years. I have spent the last 2 summers being a Orientation Leader for First-Year Students, and will be returning for a 3rd year this coming Summer. I plan to go on to graduate school after my last year at UNH hoping to receive my Master's Degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education. I really enjoy tossing a frisbee, relaxing in my hammock, hiking, and just hanging out with friends in my free time." - Doug Desrochers - Upper Quad Halls


Picture of Moe Orlowicz



"My name is Moe Orlowicz, and I am the AHD for Christensen Hall.  This is my senior year at UNH, and I will be completing my Biology major this year.  I had the privilege of being an RA in Lord Hall for two consecutive years, where I had lived as a freshmen the year before.  I love being active, enjoying my time with those around me, and going on adventures.  Living with first year students and working with RA’s is a whole new challenge for me, and I truly believe that I have the best job on campus! X-SEN Pride!" -Moe Orlowicz - Christensen Hall


This 20 hour/week, non-benefits job currently runs from mid-August (date yet to be determined) to a few days after closing in May and includes:

The UAHDs gain valuable leadership and supervision skills that would be a great asset for heading out into the job market or continuing on to graduate school.

Ideally, candidates for the UAHD position would be entering their senior year at UNH and will have completed one or two years of the RA job. But anyone is encouraged to apply. This position is not available to graduate students.

"We are excited about this position. We are able to promote successful RAs from our staff into these positions." - Scott Chesney, Director