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Woodside Apartments

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About Woodside

WoodsideThe Woodside Apartment Complex is located at 60 Strafford Avenue immediately behind the Whittemore/Hamel Campus Recreation Center and is connected to the campus by an easy walk.

The complex consists of 99, four (4) person apartments housing 396 students.

The Woodside Community Center building houses a mail and package delivery center and the Woodside Office. The Community Center lounge has a computer clustser and a fireplace. The lounge can be used for studying, functions, and student programming activities.

What's Included?

Each unit comes fully furnished with a complete kitchen/bar height dining area, fully furnished living room and long twin beds/mattresses, bureaus, desks and chairs for four residents. All units are equipped with the wired and wifi internet, cable television, on-site laundry facility. Residents receive a one-time bill each semester. On-site parking is available with the purchase of a parking permit from Parking Services.
Furnishings include: a sofa, two chairs, two end tables, coffee table, lamps, full size refridgerator, oven and range, sink, kitchen cabinets, barstools, bar-height dining area, twin beds, bureaus, desks/chairs, and built-in closets.
Utilities include: electricity, heat, hot water, wifi, wired internet, cable television and all snow removal.

How Much Will It Cost?

The proposed 2014-2015 apartment rates (which are subject to approval by the USNH Board of Trustees) are:


Proposed FY 14/15 Per Semester

Apartment Single Rate

$ 4,293

Apartment Double Rate
(all Woodside apartments are this rate)

$ 4,119

6 Person Double Rate

$ 3,924


Who's Eligible?

To reside at Woodside you must have, at a minimum, Junior status or be 20 years of age as of Fall semester. The application process takes place in February of each year for current apartment residents and for residence hall students/groups who wish to reside in the apartments.

Woodside Manager

Lupita VillalobosProperty Manager, Lupita Villalobos

  • Undergraduate degree:┬áBachelor of Arts, Humanities, minor in Clinical Social Work
  • Graduate degree: Master of Administrative Science, (Leadership, NPO Development)

For an inside look at life at Woodside, visit Woodside Apartment's Facebook page and Twitter feed @UNHWoodside

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