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UHP Honors Student Council

Honors Student Council

The Student Honors Council is an organization devoted to enriching both the social and academic experiences of University Honors Program students. The group seeks to strengthen ties between Honors Students and build a supportive community for UHP members.

The SHC is responsible for planning social, community service, and scholarly activities for the Honors community. The Student Honors Council is devoted to University as a whole, as well, frequently participating in local service projects. In addition, Council members serve as Honors representatives. These members provide relevant information about the program and the University at admission events. They are trained to discuss the Honors Program with students, parents, and school administrators. Participating is a great way to get involved on campus, gain leadership abilities, and have a positive impact on UNH.

SHC holds socials—open to both honors and non-honors students—monthly. For information on upcoming events, please visit our WildcatLink Page.

If you have any questions, are interested in joining, or would like to collaborate, please contact SHC President Avery Normandin (


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