Honors Designation Information for Students


Honors Designation Form, this form is used to add an honors designation to a course. It needs to be completed by you and the course instructor then submitted to the registrar by the third Friday of the semester.

What does it mean to designate a course as Honors?

You will be transforming a non-Honors course into an Honors course by making an agreement with the professor to do Honors-level work.

When will I designate courses?

During the Honors-in-Major portion of your Honors curriculum, most or all of your Honors requirements will be filled by designated courses. Check with your Honors Liaison about the specific requirements of your department. You may designate one course as Honors to count toward your 16 Discovery (or GenEd) Honors credits.

What courses can be designated?

Most UNH courses are eligible for designation, with the exception of online courses. 444 courses cannot be designated in most cases. However, professors are not obligated to work with you on a designation, so not every course will be an option. Most departments have specific requirements about what courses can be designated to count toward Honors-in-Major.

Why would I want to designate?

Designating courses will probably be necessary to completing your UHP requirements. Designating courses also gives you a chance to develop a closer relationship with a professor when you work together on the Honors requirements. If you decide to make a course Honors by adding a research project, you can use the designation requirements to work toward your eventual thesis or to pursue a subject you are interested in.

What does making a course Honors mean?

It means engaging with the course material on a deeper and more individual level. This principle appears in different forms, depending on the content and style of each course. Often Honors designations add research to courses that normally don’t require it; supplement assignments with longer or more frequent papers or presentations; or link the course material with another discipline. Honors designations should increase the amount of time required of the student by about 1/4 or 1/3. Ideally, the extra work should enrich your learning experience, not just make it harder; to do this requires thoughtfulness on the part of both you and your professor.

How do I do it?

Begin by making an appointment with the professor of the course you want to designate. This should take place during the pre-registration period, rather than after the semester begins. Ask whether the professor is willing to help you designate the course, and discuss what kind of modifications would transform it to an Honors class. You should arrive at the meeting ready to make some suggestions. After you come to an agreement, complete an Honors Designation Form. We suggest supplementing the form with a written agreement that lays out what will be expected of you, so that there is no confusion on either side when grading time arrives. The form will need to be signed by your Honors Liaison (if the course is to be used for Honors-in-Major). If the designation is to be used for your one Discovery/GenEd designation, you will need a signature from the Honors Office. The form needs to be submitted to the Registrar before the end of the Add/Drop period.

What if I change my mind?

Once you have registered for a course designated as Honors, you are obligated to fulfill the agreement you made. You can withdraw from the course in the same way you would from any other, but you cannot undo the Honors designation or return to normal course expectations.


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