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Web registration for Fall 2017 is open. 

The following course have openings as of 7/13/2017. For more information about a course, use the Course Gallery or Course Search links below. To add a course, you will first need to get permission from the Honors office. Request permission by emailing or calling (603) 862-3928 on business days between 8 and 2. If you are a freshman, please let us know as we will need to make registration changes for you.

  • ARTS 532, Introdcution to Drawing (FPA)
  • BIOL 411 02, Intro to Mollecular/Cellular Biology (BS)
  • BIOL 412 01, Intro to Evolution, Biodiversity, Ecology (BS)
  • BIOL 444, Biotechnology and Society (ETS)
  • CMN 440, Communication, Identity, and Addiction (SS)
  • ECE 444, Bionics (BS)
  • ECON 402, Principles of Economics (SS)
  • ENGL 401, First-year Writing (WS)
  • ESCI 444, Philosophy of Earth Science (ETS)
  • HIST 444J, Global Citizenship (HP)
  • HUMA 440, Hooked: Narratives of Addiction (HUMA)
  • MUSI 402, Survey of Music History (FPA)
  • NR 435, Contemporary Conservation Issues (ETS)
  • PHIL 435, Human Nature and Evolution (ETS)
  • SOC 440, Addiction and Society (SS)
  • SW 440, Healthy Communities (SS)
  • THDA 436, History of Theater (FPA)

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