Honors Program Course Preregistration

This is the page for preregistration for Honors Discovery classes, links to course descriptions can be found here UHP Course Descriptions or if you prefer a PDF format use this link, Spring2015_courses.pdf. Consult your major department for registration of honors in major classes.

If you are prompted for a Gmail account login to access the form use this for your login, uhpstudent@gmail.com with this password: uhp211hood

To complete the form please enter your name and other information, then select the class you want to take from the dropdown menu. If you have a second-choice class, select that as well. You will be preregistered for a second-choice class only if your first-choice class is full. You may register for more than one course using this form.

You will receive a confirmation that your form has been submitted. Honors Program staff will email you within three days to let you know the status of your preregistration.

Once preregistered, you will be added to a permission list for your chosen course(s). You will still need to register for the course(s) on Webcat during your registration window. If you do not complete your registration, we will cancel your preregistration unless you inform us of a special circumstance.

As always, please contact the Honors office at honors.program@unh.edu or 862-3928 with any questions.

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