Registration for Honors Discovery Courses

All Honors courses require permission before registration.

Before 1/24/2017:

Contact the Honors Program (603-895-9273;; Hood House 211)


Have the professor sign an Override Form; bring it to Hood House 211


Have the professor and your advisor sign an Add/Drop Form; bring it to the Registrar's Office in Stoke Hall

Open courses as of 1/23/2017

CHEM 404H (01, 03, 04): General Chemistry II 
ENGL 440A: On Race (Symposium: Reckoning with Race in Justice)
MUSI 402H: Survey of Music History
NR 435H: Contemporary Conservation Issues
PHIL 440A: Who Are You? (Symposium: Being Human)
PHIL 440B: Humanism and Dehumanization (Symposium: Being Human)
THDA 438H: History of Theatre II

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