Registration for Honors Discovery Courses

A list of all Fall 2016 Honors Discovery courses (with details and descriptions) can be found by clicking the orange button below. You can register via Webcat, but will need Honors Program permission for any of these courses. Contact us at for permission.

Fall 2016 Courses

The following courses have open seats as of 8/15/2016

ARTS 444

ARTS 532

BIOL 412H 01




NR 435H 01

NR 435H 02

SW 440A


Special Courses

The Honors Program emphasizes small, discussion based courses. Students may take Honors Discovery courses from any category (and may take more than one Honors course from the same category), but must take at least one Honors Inquiry Seminar. These courses have the course number 444 and are marked "Seminar" in the list below. 


Beginning in 2015-2016, the Honors Program is also offering Honors Symposium courses. These carry the course number 440. These are small courses, much like the Seminars, capped at 20 students. However, they are are grouped together with other courses under a common theme, creating a larger Symposium of 80 Honors students. The professors collaborate to arrange some shared texts and experiences for the Symposium, including exciting speakers and group projects. This structure allows for interdisciplinary collaboration, and helps Honors students join in a larger intellecutual and social community while maintaining a small class size.