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Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board members plan activities to build the Honors community and to enrich the experience of our students. The Student Advisory Board members also serve as Honors representatives. These members provide relevant information about the program and the University at admission events. They are trained to discuss the Honors Program with students, parents, and school administrators. Over the years the Student Advisory Board has developed the Peer Mentor Program, hosted “Professor Luncheons,” attended conferences, created the annual essay contest, and planned the Holiday event.

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Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor Program consists of 32 upper-class mentors and 94 first year Honors Program mentees. The mentors help new students adapt to University life. In addition to small-group meetings, mentors organize other student activities, including the annual scavenger hunt and ice cream social. These informal events offer students a chance to meet other first-year students in the Honors Program as well as to ask questions of upper-classmen who are involved in various student organizations and activities on campus.

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