Honors Program students are a big part of this year’s issue of Inquiry, UNH’s online undergraduate research journal.

Ten University Honors Program students are authors or editors for Inquiry ‘13, which is now online at www.unh.edu/inquiryjournal. The authors are Tristan Amaral, Neil Baroody, Cory McKenzie (also an editor), Alexa Price, and Victoria Ward. The editors are Avery Normandin, Michael Pope, Laura Roach, and Katy Sternberger. You can read about them as well as their articles on the website.

Inquiry offers undergraduate researchers in all disciplines the opportunity to publish their results and experiences worldwide. To be an author read current and past articles and submission information on the website, then contact the editors at Editor.Inquiry@unh.edu by September 23.


Students (sophomores and above) with strong writing skills and an interest in editing and publishing are invited to join the Student Editorial Board. They will participate in guiding an author through the revision process, interviewing for and writing short biographies, and publicizing the journal. Go to www.unh.edu/inquiry/journal and click on Join the Staff by September 10. For questions or more information, send a message to Editor.Inquiry@unh.edu.

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