How to Access Degree Works

Degree Works is a new program that allows you keep track of which requirements you've met and which you still need to get your degree. It is a little hard to find, but once you're there it offers lots of useful features, like a "What If" function for major changes, a GPA calculator, and a planner where you can keep track of your plans for future semesters.

To find Degree Works, follow these steps:

Blackboard Main Page

From the Blackboard main page, select Webcat/Services.









Click Continue

Click the button.






Sign in


You know what to do.






Click Student Services and Financial Aid

Click on Student Services and Financial Aid.














Enter image description here.

Click on Student Records.








Enter image description here.

Click on Degree Evaluation.









Enter image description here.

Click on Degree Works. Ignore the part about which year you were admitted.







And you're in!

The Registrar's Office has a page of FAQs about Degree Works, here:

Here is a video tutorial by the Registrar's Office about how to read your Degree Evaluation.


And here is one about how to use the What If and Looking Ahead functions.