UHP Forms

Petition for Variance in Academic Policy Use this form to submit a petition to remain in the UHP.

Honors Thesis Student/Sponsor Agreement (pdf)
This form serves as notice to the UHP that the student will be eligible for a University Honors designation.

Senior Checklist This form should be completed in the semester before you graduate. We use the checklist to assist us in nominating you for student awards.

Certification of Completion of Honors Program Requirements and Senior Questionnaire (pdf)
In order to graduate with an honors designation from the Honors Program, the Certification of Completion of Honors Program Requirements form and Senior Questionnaire must be completed and submitted to the Honors Program Office.

Honors Designation Form (pdf)
In order to designate a course "honors," you need to complete the Honors Designation Form and submit it to the Registrars Office by the deadline on the form. Honors Course Designation Guidelines.


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