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University Honors Program (UHP) Community
The University Honors Program (UHP) community is comprised of hundreds of Honors students just like you. It is part peer, part professor, and part UHP staff. Combined, the Program offers a holistic academic approach to learning that allows Honors students to gain an exceptional education in a supportive, academic community.

UHP Community Begins with Small Honors Seminars
Because the majority of Honors general education/discovery category courses are small, Honors students benefit from participating in robust classroom dialogue. Such dialogue builds community by encouraging students to learn from one another in an environment that supports intellectual inquiry. Additionally, we offer 444H seminars that satisfy general education/discovery category requirements and vary by topic from semester to semester. These seminars cap at twenty students and are designed to promote experiential learning and encourage students to become active thinkers and burgeoning researchers. On completing either an Honors general education/discovery category course or a 444H seminar, Honors students are prepared to participate in fields of advanced scholarship that require facing challenging academic questions from multiple angles.
Additionally, the UHP’s small courses and seminars allow Honors professors to focus on individualized instruction. Most Honors students, therefore, report a close, professional relationship with both their Honors peers and Honors professors.

UHP Living and Leading
Some Honors students choose to enjoy extended UHP community by living on the Honors floor of Hubbard Hall. The Honors floor supports student scholarship by encouraging regular quiet hours to allow for ample study time (the hall boasts a lounge that requires quiet study 24 hours a day, all week). But that doesn’t mean there’s not also ample play time: faculty-student get-togethers, pre-registration, and the annual Honors Holiday Party all take place at Hubbard Hall.
For students interested in leadership opportunities, the UHP offers opportunities to participate in program governance through the Honors Student Council; furthermore, Honors students can participate in the Peer Mentoring Program, which encourages sophomore, junior, and senior Honors students to mentor incoming first-year Honors students. Honors leadership opportunities build a strong UHP community.

UHP Staff
Honors students agree that UHP’s greatest community resource is its staff and faculty who assist students in choosing courses that accord to student interests and majors, strongly suggesting study abroad programs, and encouraging, at every turn, that students involve themselves in the research opportunities offered through the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research.

The University Honors Program serves Honors students by nurturing an intellectually stimulating, socially atisfying community environment that supports academic success.


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