Alumni Profiles

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Dawn Zimmer, UHP Alum


Dawn Zimmer, 1990 Graduate in History
Dawn received her degree in History from the UHP, taught English in Japan following graduation, and is currently serving as Mayor of Hoboken, NJ.

Geoff Cardner, UHP Alum


Geoff Cardner, 1993 Graduate in Business Administration and Economics
Geoff Cardner serves as the Vice President of Investments at Sun Life in Hong Kong.

Sharon Billings, UHP Alum


Sharon Billings, 1991 Graduate in Political Science
Sharon received her Ph.D. from Duke in Ecosystem Science, and is currently teaching Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Kansas.

John Dolbow, UHP Alum


John Dolbow, 1995 Graduate in Mechanical Engineering
John received his Ph.D. from Northwestern, and is currently a faculty member at Duke University.

Karen Wickwire, UHP Alum


Karen Wickwire, 1995 Graduate in Marine and Freshwater Biology.
Karen studied Marine Biology at UNH, but after several years away from the field, she decided to switch paths and earn her Masters in Library Sciences.

Maria Groves, UHP Alum


Maria Groves, 1999 Graduate in English Journalism.
Maria followed her passion for writing while at UNH, working for a number of publications after she graduated. More recently, Maria has opened her own herbal medicines practice, and divides her time between writing and teaching clients about natural lifestyles.

Daniel Horan, UHP Alum


Daniel Horan, 2001 Graduate in Chemical Engineering.
Daniel earned his Chemical Engineering degree at UNH, but after graduating, he followed his passion for arts and antiques and now runs a specialized antique auction house in Windham, NH.

Heron Greenesmith, UHP Alum


Heron Greenesmith, 2004 Graduate in Linguistics, with a focus in Russian.
Heron served in the Peace Corps before earning her law degree at American University, Washington College of Law. She now works as legislative counsel with Family Equality Council.

Stacy Farina, UHP Alum


Emily Fekete, 2008 Graduate in History and Geography, with a minor in Deaf Studies
After graduating from UNH, Emily followed her passion for Geography and earned her Masters from Kent State University. She is now a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Kansas.

Stacy Farina, UHP Alum


Stacy Farina, 2010 Graduate in Biology
Stacy is currently earning her Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Cornell University.

Kyle Flynn, UHP Alum


Kyle Flynn, 2010 Graduate in Philosophy, minor in French and Economics
Kyle received his MS in Quantitative Political Economy at the London School of Economics and currently works as a strategy analyst in Chicago.

Teri Hatch, UHP Alum


Teri Hatch, 2010 Graduate in Political Science, with minors in Spanish and Youth Development
After graduating UNH, Teri decided to follow her passion for teaching and earned her Masters in Education. She currently works as Special Projects Manager at MathPOWER, a nonprofit organization promoting advanced math skills in urban schools.

Grace Smarsh, UHP Alum


Grace Smarsh, 2010 Graduate in Zoology, minor in Animal Behavior
Grace is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Biology at Texas A&M University and conducting research in Africa.

Anthony Troiano, UHP Alum


Anthony Troiano, 2010 Graduate with dual majors in Microbiology and Classics
Anthony is currently earning his Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Connecticut Heath Center.


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