The Honors Experience by Academic Year

Honors students are an ubiquitous part of the University, engaging in student government, Division I athletics, a capella groups, the University Dialogue, Residential Life, intramural sports, drama and arts, outside work experiences, and internships. We encourage and support our students to involve themselves in those areas in which they feel passionate.

UHP Freshman, Emily Schlachter

Emily Schlachter

Emily majors in Nursing at UNH. She is involved in the Hamel Scholars Program, UNH Club Tennis, and the Student Nurses Organization where she serves as a Freshman Liaison. She details, “I chose the Honors Program here at UNH because of all of the doors it would open up for me. Although I was intimidated at first with the thought of extra hard college courses, it is already paying off. I am currently in the Nutrition 400 Honors section. I go to the regular lecture twice a week like all of the other students but then we have an extra recitation once a week. This is a very small group of students (15 at the most) who are dedicated to their work and who are extra interested in the subject. Being in the honors section has exposed me to so many interesting and important topics that I would not have heard about otherwise. Although it means reading an extra article and writing an extra paper each week, the pay off makes that seem like no work at all. We get to bounce ideas off each other and voice our opinions about controversial and prevalent topics in the nutrition world.”

Emily’s other Honors section is an upper level Spanish course. She explains, “I am also in the honors section of the Spanish class Advanced Conversation and Composition II. This class is held in a more classic classroom environment and there are not very many students. This allows us to all speak about our assignments and to truly work on our Spanish speaking skills. I can imagine that this opportunity is not provided for every Spanish student here at UNH and I consider myself lucky to have such a great opportunity. This would not have been afforded to me if I was not in the Honors program. Being involved in the program is truly making my freshman semester here at UNH a much easier transition from high school and is making my classes more enjoyable and interesting! ”

“The final, and one of the most valuable opportunities from the Honors program that I have experienced thus far, is being a Hamel Scholar. Within about a month of being here on campus, I found myself having dinner with President Huddleston, Dana Hamel, many other UNH professors and their colleagues, and also many other students like me. This experience opened my eyes to the vast opportunities that stand in front of me for the next four years. Not only was it great to meet and speak with President Huddleston as was our dinner delicious, it showed me what kind of a community I was truly involved in through Hamel Scholars and the UNH Honors Program. All of the other students there were truly dedicated to their school work, invested in community service, and over all very interesting and kind people to talk to. I am very excited to get more involved in this community and to continue to thrive in my academics and service. This experience will stand out as one of the highlights of my freshman year and maybe even all four years. I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to become involved in the UNH Honors Program and Hamel Scholars, even if you are a freshman and maybe even a little scared, it is all well worth it!”

UHP Sophomore, Scott Morris

Scott Morris

Scott is a double major in Business Management and Management Information Systems. He plays Varsity Basketball and is part of the Leadership Development Program. He is currently involved in becoming a member of one of the various business clubs on campus. Scott has earned a place on Highest Honor Roll for Athletics and consistently makes the Dean’s List. As well as his business course load, the Honors Program has made other interesting classes available to him such as Vampires and Supernaturals and the Meaning of Entrepreneurship.

He explains, “The Honors Program has enhanced my experience while at UNH. It has allowed me to have a hands on approach to my classes that I haven't gotten while in other courses. For example, in Meaning of Entrepreneurship I have been paired with a highly successful entrepreneur who has helped guide me to take the right steps to fully take advantage of my career. The program has broadened the ways in which I look at different subjects. It makes me look further than just the facts and what the textbooks tell you. The Honors Program has allowed me to participate in classes that have been most enjoyable to me.”

UHP Junior, Stephanie Malanga

Stephanie Malanga

Stephanie is a Neuroscience and Behavior major with a minor in Psychology. She serves as the Assistant Director of the Honors Peer Mentor Program, reports for Alpha Chi Sigma (the Chemistry Fraternity), and is a member of OXFAM UNH. Over the past three years, she has earned many achievements to include being named a Presidential Scholar, receiving the Dickie Family Scholarship, accomplishing Highest Honors every semester, and ranking in the top 10% of the Class of 2013. Currently, she is pursuing research with the Win Watson’s lab.

She notes, “The Honors Program was the reason that I decided to come to the University of New Hampshire, and I'm very happy that I made the decision I did! I was able to take all of my general education requirements as Honors classes, which meant that while my friends were sitting in introductory classes of 100+ students, mine often had 30 students or less. This gave me a better opportunity to both interact with my fellow students and establish a better relationship with the professor. I'm still really great friends with many of the people I met during my freshman year Honors classes!”

“Also, the 444 Inquiry class that you're required to take as part of the Honors Curriculum happened to be one of my favorite classes that I've taken during my time at UNH. I took History of Hockey, and not only were there just 10 other amazing students in my class, but the professor, Steven Hardy was very passionate about what he was teaching. He is still one of my favorite professors on campus. If you ever have a chance to take this class, I would highly recommend it.”

UHP Senior, Brett Gallo

Brett Gallo

Brett majors in Music Theory at UNH. He is involved in many activities on campus including: the Hamel Scholar Program, the UNH Wind Symphony, the UNH Symphony Orchestra, and the UNH Jazz Band. Recently, he became an Instructor at the Seacoast Academy of Music in North Hampton, and in his spare time he plays live music with several fellow musicians around the Seacoast.

Brett explains, “Last semester I received a research grant from the International Research Opportunities Program (IROP) to spend my summer studying traditional drum and dance music in Ghana. It was an incredible experience that was only possible through UNH's unique ability to fund undergraduate research. Because I'm so eager to return and further my understanding of their indigenous music and rich culture, I've been giving serious consideration toward applying for a Fulbright in the very near future.”

He believes, “the Honors Program provided me with the best opportunities possible here at UNH. Because I'm fortunate enough to study something that is personally captivating, I've always been a "hungry student" trying to dig deeper by any means and resources. I believe I've made good use of the many resources that UNH offers, but the Honors Program has been particularly helpful in tailoring a curriculum that fosters and enriches my curiosity.”


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