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Our current executive members:

Alumni Profiles

Rachel and Meghan are dedicated dancers who will continue the Swing Club legacy; bringing dances to the students and students to the dances!

Cara and Nichole were running the club until Fall 2007.

Martha Gilman - Former President. Martha has been dancing since October 2002 and claims dancing changed her life!

With a B.S. in Biochemistry, an M.S. in Animal Sciences, and the workload of an Osteopathic Medical School student, Martha keeps her mind busy, but that doesn't stop her from following her heart to the dance floor!

Barbra Denison - Former President, active alumni 

While attending UNH, Barb was involved with organizing Swing Events and teaching Lindy Hop, Blues, and Jitterbug with her brother Jon. They even participated in a few Lindy Hop Competitions!

Unfortunately, nothing, not even her dedication to the Swing Club or her brother, could hold Barb back with her amazing entrepeneurial spirit!! Since graduating UNH in 2003, Barb has started two businesses with her husband, Keoni, and now lives in Baltimore, MD. Occassionally, Barb graces UNH with her presence to teach a lesson or workshop for the Swing Club.

Jon Bannon - Duty: carrying Large Objects and more! Jon has been dancing a little longer than Barb... in fact, he introduced swing to his sister!

Jon recently completed his PhD in Mathematics, and now resides in NY with his wife Tenaya working as a full time mathematics professor! Congratulations Professor Bannon!

Phil Gidley. Phil has been dancing since January 2002, when Rich convinced him to go to Swing City. Phil did the step, step,rock step, and the open arm turn from 7:30 to 12:30 that night. He was amazed by some of the talented dancers in Boston. Since then, Jon and Barb have taught Phil about dancing with connection and he attended Swing Out New Hampshire (the best of the BEST Lindy Hop Camps) two years in a row. Now, Phil has BECOME one of the talented dancers at Swing City!

Phil received his B.S. in Environmental Engineering form UNH in 2002.