Psychiatric Services

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During this evaluation, student needs and concerns are discussed, diagnosis is made, and treatment plan is developed.  If medication is indicated, students usually meet with our psychiatrist on a biweekly basis until it is clear that the prescribed medication is effective. There is no additional cost for this service, although we do ask students to be sure to cancel appointments that they will not be able to keep.  There is a fee charged for missed appointments.

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To make an appointment, call the Counseling Center 862-2090 or visit the office in Smith Hall and speak with the receptionist during office hours (Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM during academic year; Tuesday-Thursday 8AM-5PM during summer session) If you are having a crisis emergency, please tell the receptionist so you can be seen that day. If outside of office hours, call 862-2090 and follow the phone prompts.

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