Bentley Bonnell

Lead Personal Trainer
Campus Recreation
Years Worked at UNH: 
What does health mean to you?: 
Being healthy is a lifestyle choice that encompasses more than one component. A healthy diet, exercise program, and strong relationship with family and friends, are just examples of some components of health that aggregate to promote an overall feeling of fulfillment in life. I use these components to create a healthy lifestyle for myself and balance that allows me experience life to the fullest.
What do you do to make a Healthy UNH?: 
I try to be promoter of healthy habits at UNH. I believe leading by example is the best way to do this. When I’m not in class or at my job, I’m working out. When I’m not working out, I’m making a healthy meal. When I’m not eating, I’m hanging out with friends or enjoying down-time. I believe learning to balance a healthy lifestyle with classes and work is key. I model for others at UNH to get out, stay fit, eat right, and find balance within their own lives.
How do you stay fit?: 
I work out 6 days a week; cardio in the mornings and weight training in the evenings. I also love to hike, swim, and play basketball pick-up games in the Whit, even though my skills in it leave something to be desired.
Do you have any tips for eating healthfully?: 
Eat your fruit and vegetables; no joke.
How do you find motivation to stay healthy?: 
Learn to love living a healthy lifestyle; then it’s no longer finding motivation, but purely enjoying it.
Have you made any tangible improvements to your physical or mental well-being by making positive changes in your life?: 
By eating right, exercising, and keeping balance in mind, I overcame childhood obesity and found my adult self.
Anything else you would like to add?: 
I would recommend taking a class at the Whit such as: W4, yoga, or boot camp. The instructors are great and really care about helping you get a great workout. If you want a custom workout or one-on-one time, check out the personal training programs at Campus Rec.