Gluten Free Program

All 3 dining halls have set aside a separate gluten-free (GF) refrigerator area for storage of select GF products for your self service (GF dry cereal selections, GF Vans frozen waffles, GF bagels and bread, GF crackers and cookies, individually portioned peanut butter, cream cheese, jelly, pure maple syrup, GF Ken's salad dressings and GF barbeque sauce). GF desserts will be at all dining halls. All dining halls have separate pans at their omelette/stir fry stations where you can ask to have your item made gluten free. If you have a recommendation for a specific GF product please let a manager or the dietitian know. Other comments and suggestions are very much appreciated!

You can also complete a gluten free meal order at any dining hall. (see form at the Checker stand) or here on line!


How To Access: 

Anyone eating in the Dining Hall with a medical restricted diet can use the Gluten Free refridgerator and storage area. To order a special gluten free meal, order online or contact the Dining Dietitian at or call her at 862-2583.

More Information: