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SPIN: Students Promoting Information on Nutrition

Friday, November 30, 2012

Kendra Moffett
Friday, November 30, 2012

Students Promoting Information on Nutrition, also known as SPIN, is a great organization on campus to get involved in that is run by UNH Health Services. These mentors are student volunteers that get trained to counsel and educate those who are looking to for more knowledge and assistance in the field of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. These students receive intensive training and education by trained professionals in the field, and are well equipped to help others with questions regarding nutrition.

SPIN promotes campus wide awareness of healthy eating, and you can often find them around campus tabling information and marketing ways to live a healthy lifestyle. They have been known to do food cooking demonstrations on campus, as well as distributing informational handouts

One has to apply to be a part of SPIN and in the fall semester each year, those new members will be trained intensively to aid fellow students. One can even get up to four class credits just for being a part of SPIN!

If you are looking to join SPIN, or even seek help from the student mentors, you can find out more information at the UNH Health Services website.

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