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Fall Fitness

Friday, November 9, 2012

Kendra Moffett
Friday, November 9, 2012


Autumn is a lovely time of the year to start or maintain your workout routine. The days are cooling off, and the scenery is very appealing. Starting a physical activity routine in the autumn months are also helpful when the holiday season comes around to help curb any potential over-indulgence. 

Many people choose to wait until New Years to start their workout routine, but the fall is an even better time to start because there are so many opportunities to exercise outside in the crisp fall air; it is a great opportunity to explore new trails in the woods, especially with the beautiful foliage. Many chores around the house such as raking leaves, and cleaning out the garage are also great ways to fit in exercise too.

The fall is also a time where a lot of TV shows start up again, so this is a great chance to incorporate physical activity into your routine. Running on a treadmill while watching TV, or doing lunges between commercial breaks are just a few ideas on how to add physical activity to your life. 

It also is very important to rejuvenate while you start your fitness routine. Getting massages, painting, crafting, sleeping and having a support system are all very important to promoting your overall wellness and set you on the right tract to keep up your routine.

Motivation is one of the biggest factors in keeping up a workout routine, and WebMD has a list of 10 tips on how to stay active during fall. Don’t wait until January to start your work out routine, lace up your sneakers and go out and enjoy the fresh fall air!

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