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To Buy Organic or Not To Buy Organic, That is the Question

Friday, April 8, 2011

Katie Cardinal
Friday, April 8, 2011

Photo: Courtesy of m_bartosch

There’s recently been a lot of commotion surrounding organic goods. You walk down the grocery aisle and nearly every single item has an organic counterpart that is about twice the price of the non-organic option. Despite your good intentions, you probably cannot afford to buy everything organic. The question is, then, which goods are worth buying organic and which are not so important? Here is a list of the top five goods that you don’t necessarily need to buy the organic version of:

AVOCADOS - Since avocados have a thick skin that you don’t eat, they’re among the top choices of what NOT to purchase organic. Before cutting into an avocado just remember to wash the peel and you should be all set. Foods such as watermelons and cantaloupes would also fall under this “thick skinned” category.

 EGGS – Though chicken eggs are among the most popular items to purchase organically, there is really no need. Chickens, as a rule, are not given growth hormones, meaning there is little difference between “normal” eggs and organic eggs. Research has also known that “normal” factory eggs have no fewer contaminants than organic eggs, so why waste the money?

FROZEN FOOD IN PLASTIC BAGS – Many people worry that chemicals will be leached into their fruits and vegetables from the bag. This, however, is nearly impossible. As long as you’re not planning on heating the contents of the bag, which increases the likelihood of chemicals being leached, you should be fine.

SPICES – Even though spices may be susceptible to absorbing chemical agents, you use such a small amount of spices in daily basis that they really should not harm your health in any way.

CLOTHING – Though purchasing organic clothing is much better for the environment, there is no real health benefit to the consumer. The cotton may be sprinkled with pesticides, but the likelihood that there will be enough pesticides to seep into your body is highly unlikely.

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