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Active Minds at UNH

Monday, February 21, 2011

Katie Cardinal
Monday, February 21, 2011

Photo: Courtesy of Active Minds

Established in the UNH community in the spring of 2010, Active Minds is a relatively new student-run group on campus that aims to remove the social stigma that surrounds mental issues on campuses throughout North America. The goal of Active Minds is to provide information and resources to students regarding mental health issues in order to increase awareness and gain support. In discussing the occurrence and characteristics of mental illnesses, Active Minds hopes to encourage students to seek help as soon as needed and to create an open, comfortable environment for conversation about mental health issues on campuses.

Though Active Minds is not currently being funded by the University, they have been working closely with Healthy UNH to plan activities for the current spring 2011 semester. The organization plans to tackle the most common mental illnesses, including depression and anxiety, first, and then move on to rare illnesses in the future. With the support of students, Active Minds hopes to expand their organization throughout campus, receive funding from the University to plan events, and eventually stop the stigma associated with mental illnesses on campus.

For more information on Active Minds at a national level, please visit their website. Any questions, concerns, or comments involving Active Minds at UNH can be directed to the President of Active Minds, Janet Mesh, who can be reached at


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