Focus on Fitness

Focus on Fitness is a fitness center that offers personal training, massage therapy, cardio and strength training, tanning facilities, and steam rooms.  Childcare facilities are offered to members.  

Executive Health & Sports Center

Executive Health & Sports Center is a fitness complex that includes fitness and cardio equipment, racquetball, tennis, and basketball courts,  indoor and outdoor pool, and indoor track.  It also offers a variety of amenities: exercise classes, cafe, spa, saunas and steam rooms, and gold simulator.  Professional childcare is also available to members. 

Derryfield Country Club

Derryfield Country Club is an 18-hole golf course that is open to the public.  There are opportunities to set up lessons from certified PGA professionals, as well as an indoor golf simulator that is open year round for any golfer looking to improve their swing.  

Rock Rimmon Park

Rock Rimmon Park is the largest park in Manchester that offers a pool, playground tennis court, and basketball court to the public.  There is a hike up a granite cliff that offers a great view of the city, as well as an area to picnic.  Weather permitting, there is also an opportunity for rock climbers to scale the granite cliff. 

Heritage Trail

The Heritage Trail is a 6.1 mile trail run by the state of New Hampshires that provides a link between communities.  The trail gives access to walkers, hikers, and cyclers.