Financial Wellness

Managing Your Money

Americans are feeling stressed and anxious about money. Some are wondering how they're going to pay their bills and others are concerned about their future financial security. Households can discover strategies to stretch dollars, manage money, increase savings, and decrease debt. Learning positive money management techniques can help you and your family.

Gambling Cessation

Wellness educators/counselors are available to provide counseling and resources to students who are concerned about their gambling, and is free for students who have paid the health fee. There is a fee for students who have not paid the health fee.

Financial Management Education

Health Services provides information on financial wellness and resources for those seeking assistance with personal finance. The CashCourse website has information on managing finances.  Counseling is available for free to students who have paid the health fee and is available at a cost to students who have not paid the health fee. A Resource Library is available at Health Services and online resources are also available.

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