Hiking to Stay on Top of Your Health

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Michal Marcol

Looking for a new spin on your current workout routine? Skip the gym next time and instead, take on the mountain! Hiking in beautiful New England not only gives you the opportunity to get a breath of fresh air and clear your mind, but hiking is also a powerful cardio and strength building exercise! While getting in a great cardio workout, strengthening your muscles and improving your balance, hiking can also decrease your risk for heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis and arthritis.

Hiking is a great choice for a workout for both beginners and experts because you can control the amount of strain and intensity you put on your body by choosing what trails you go on, and the speed at which you hike. Hiking is also easy to start and continue throughout your lifetime, and is even more enjoyable when you bring along friends and family. 

Before you hike

  • Make sure you’re physically able to and ready- try walking around your neighborhood including going up and down hills with your full hiking gear and 5+ pounds than you would normally bring to ensure you will be fully able to make the hike!
  • Check out the American Hiking Society’s 10 essentials of hiking to make sure you’ve got everything and anything you may need on your trip!


Already an experienced hiker? Try these tips to intensify your hiking workout!

  • Use poles to help build your upper body strength
  • Choose the more challenging trails with steeping inclines and uneven terrain
  • Add more weight to your backpack and gear


Visit the American Hiking Society’s website for more information on hiking, safety tips and resources to prepare for your trip!

Want to get involved with hiking within the UNH community? Start by taking a walk or run through UNH’s own College Woods or joining the New Hampshire Outing Club !

Also, be sure to check out more information on all of the 600+ Mountains in New Hampshire including their trails, length, intensity level and resources to help you prepare for your trip! 

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Hi Mollie, I love this blog post because hiking is a great, cheap way for people to get physical activity while enjoying a beautiful day outside. We are extremely blessed in New England with the mountains and numerous hiking trails that are available to us, and one of my favorite outdoor activities is hiking.

I really enjoyed your post. Do you know if hiking aids weighloss? I was wondering if you combineGarcina Cambogia and hiking, if that would help me lose more weight... Any comments?

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