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February 17, 2014

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While caught in the middle of studying for exams and writing papers this semester, one thing you are probably looking forward to is spring break. When this week of fun you’ve had planned for so long is so close you can almost taste it, the thought of potentially getting sick before, during or after your trip may not even cross your mind. Wherever your destination may be, the potential for experiencing disease and illness is much greater when traveling. With many students soon boarding tightly crammed planes, buses, trains or packing many friends into a car and taking a road trip, it is important to keep yourself healthy and prevent disease and illness by getting the proper immunizations at the Travel Clinic at Health Services!

The Travel Clinic provides information on safe traveling and immunizations to students, faculty and staff. Visits to the Travel Clinic are free to students who have paid their student health fee and chargeable to those who have not. Immunizations are also chargeable to all students, faculty and staff at a reduced rate. Spring break should a time to unwind, relax and reward yourself for all of the hard work you’ve been doing, don’t risk the potential to ruin your trip by not taking proper health precautions! Be sure to make an appointment and visit the Travel Clinic BEFORE heading out on your spring break trip, studying abroad or just traveling in general!

Check out the UNH Travel Services website for a full list of immunizations offered at UNH Health Services and information on the Travel Clinic. For more information on how to stay healthy and prevent disease while traveling, check out the Center for Disease Control and Preventions Travelers’ Health website!


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