A Healthy Pick-Me-Up

Monday, February 25, 2013


Returning to school in the spring semester can be quite draining for any student. Going from a cozy house, filled with family and friends to waking up at early hours and trekking across campus in below freezing temperatures can tire even the most active person. To even hold your head up you might buy two or three coffees a day. Before you go and purchase that fourth cup, think twice about what other healthy alternatives are out there to help wake you up! There are many foods available that will give you the same boost as coffee, minus the artificial sweeteners, fatty cream and caffeine!  Livestrong provides us with a list of healthy options to lift you up out of that morning slump.

Grab a handful of almonds. Almonds will help boost your blood sugar to wake you up and lift your spirits in the early morning. If almonds aren’t for you, try walnuts; they will help put you in a more positive mood and help sharpen your mind for all the classes your have to face during the day. Have you ever tried an avocado? Hunger can make you feel sleepy and unmotivated. Add one to your sandwich to help ease those hunger pains. The mono-unsaturated fats and oleic acids in avocado slow down the rate in which your stomach empties. Try packing an orange in your backpack to help wake you up during a class, just the smell will heighten your senses and the natural sugars in the fruit will raise your blood sugar to wake you up. Some other foods on the list include blueberries and dark chocolate. The dark chocolate will release endorphins, the same hormones released during exercise.  If you are not ready to give up your morning coffee, try adding low fat dairy milk to it. The sugar lactose in it will raise the sugar in your blood as well. You can also get this sugar from yogurt or certain cheeses. These quick fixes are great but it is important to remember to always get a good nights sleep, exercise, do not skip meals, avoid saturated fats and sweets and make sure you are not eating too many carbohydrates during the day without lean protein.