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October 10, 2013

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Health care costs are something that most people are concerned about. There are many things a person can do to lower the amount of money they spend on healthcare. For example, leading an active and healthy lifestyle can significantly lower the amount of health problems a person faces in the future, thus lowering healthcare costs. However, sometimes health incidences arise that are unavoidable and healthcare costs accumulate. So what can you do to help you manage if you ever find yourself in that situation? Carefully plan and manage your finances! 

You don’t need to pay a professional financial counselor to help you to build a budget and manage your money effectively. Healthy UNH offers a valuable and helpful resource called “Cash Course”. “Cash Course” is a website available to members of the UNH community to help them to learn more about personal finances and how to better manage their money. Cash Course allows the user to customize the program to their specific interests and needs. Based on the users needs Cash Course recommends specific learning modules. Learning how to better manage your money will ensure that when unexpected healthcare costs arise you will have a plan in place to cover them.

Cash Course helps you manage your finances, but it also teaches you how to understand health insurance. When we graduate from UNH, and hopefully get jobs with health insurance benefits, you need to know what the basics are: what is a deductible, copay, and health savings account? Cash Course helps you navigate the world of insurance, so you can be a better informed individual, and use your health insurance wisely. 

Not only does learning how to manage your money help you to save and plan for medical expenses, it also can help to keep you healthier. Financial insecurity can cause a lot of anxiety and stress. This can have a negative affect on ones health. People who experience high amounts of stress experience more health problems than those who avoid stress. Making a plan and learning to manage money can help a person to reduce the stress levels in their life. So not only are they saving money for unexpected healthcare costs, they are also imporving their health and thus lowering the chances of illness.

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