Foods that Contain Toxic Ingredients

June 21, 2013

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Today "food" is comprised of so many different additives and chemicals in order to make it edible and appealing for a consumer to purchase and eat. Recently there has been a lot of controversy over which chemicals and substances are dangerous and how all of these additives can affect us down the line. I don't know about you, but having weird additives in my food that I don't know are safe or not kind of creeps me out. Luckily, nutrition professionals Mira and Jayson Calton, authors of Rich Food, Poor Food, came up with a grocery list to help you avoid toxic chemicals in your food!

One SUPER common food that contains questionable additives is good old Mac & cheese (a college student staple). Have you ever wondered why Mac & cheese is bright orange in color and not the same color as a slice of cheese? Well, you can thank coloring agents yellow 5 and yellow 6 for that. The neon orange color is made up of dyes that are made from coal tar. These dyes are also used to clean floors and kill lice. Now you don't have to swear off Mac & cheese for good, just make sure when you are shopping you pick a brand with no added artificial coloring like Annie's.

I am a HUGE salt person, so I love potato chips as much as the next person, but DO NOT try and cut fat with fat-free chips. They contain Olestra, which is a toxic additive that can cause many digestive issues for you. If you must have the chips, try and opt for something cooked in coconut oil instead of vegetable oil.

To get the complete list of additives to avoid visit Shape's Magazine's article on the nine ingredients you should avoid.

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