Nutritious and Delicious—Alternatives to Easter Candy

Monday, March 25, 2013

David Castillo Dominici

Easter is right around the corner, which means it is time for Easter Basket creation. Children love receiving Easter Baskets, and many families celebrate it as a tradition for Easter morning. Easter treats can still be enjoyed, but try to look beyond the stocked shelves of Peeps and Chocolate Bunnies this year and consider healthy alternatives to usual Easter candy. One Cadbury Solid Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny, a popular Easter treat, contains 890 calories, and 48.6 grams of fat! With the growing rate of childhood obesity, good nutrition must be considered and incorporated into all childhood experiences. Think of these alternatives when packing an Easter basket this year:

-Stuff the basket with colorful fruits like clementines. They are sweet and small enough for small hands to peel!

- Bag dried fruit—very sweet, dried fruit is a wonderful alternative to processed and refined sugars.

- Include items other than candy—coloring books or markers take up space, and last longer than a sugar rush!

-If you want to include the usual candy, opt for snack-sized packages. This reduces overconsumption.

-Incorporate homemade goodies. If your child wants a treat, bake a cake together the night before! It is important for children to realize the amount of work (and fun!) it takes to prepare baked goods.

Try incorporating one new idea into this year’s basket. Remember—a healthy kid is a happy kid!


Great ideas! I wish I had

Great ideas! I wish I had seen this before Easter but I will definitely be incorporating some of these ideas next year.

Easter candy

My mom always put coloring books and a suffed animal in my easter basket when I was little. I also got some jelly beans but she always tried to stay away from the sugary candies

I love the idea of making an

I love the idea of making an Easter basket a healthy one! I remember some of my favorite ones as a kid were filled with memorable things other than candy, so I think filling it with other objects and healthy fruits is a great alternative.

healthy easter basket

Good idea to make an healthy easter basket.