The Snow-Day Workout

February 13, 2013

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Jenna Channell

As I was sitting in my apartment, cooped up during the crazy snowstorm we had this weekend here in Durham and I started thinking about how I can get a workout without having to trek across campus to the gym. I also did not have the tools to ski or snowshoe, so how could I exercise at all? Weightwatchers came up with an awesome workout called “The Snow-Day Workout” that anybody, of all ages can do, and the great part of this is that you will have no idea you are working out at all!

Playing in the snow works every part of your body! Not only is it fun, but you are also burning a ton of calories! The difference between working out in the summer and working out in the winter, is in the summer, your body does not have to work hard to keep your body warm because it is already warm. In the winter, your body has to work much harder to keep your body temperature up, so your body will expend a lot of calories to do this. The exercise physiologist at Weightwatchers, Bill McArdle says that the amount of calories you expend during the winter increases by about 60%! The calories burned triples if the snow is still powdery and not packed down! “The Snow-Day Workout” consists of different exercises such as, military march, plank walk, snow shuffle, frozen lawn lunges, snow ball target practice, feet drag, and angel abs.

Being at the gym, or running on your own can get boring and dull. When you are outside in the snow, making snowmen, climbing up hills to sled, and making snow angels, you are surrounded by the ones you love; friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, family. It will never get old. You will lose track of time and forget how long you were actually outside playing! Check out “The Snow-Day Workout” on Weightwatchers to learn details on how to complete the full workout and how to stay safe while doing so in the cold weather! After doing this workout, go inside and reward yourself with a cup of cocoa

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This is so neat! I agree with you and hate having to treck through the snow to go to the gym in the winter. But I have never herd of this and it sounds really fun! I'll have to ake my roommates come try this with me!

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