Organic Garden Club

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Organic foods and organic practices are receiving quite a lot of attention lately. I know I can't walk down the grocery store without seeing organic labels on food as well as advertising for "going organic" everywhere. Maybe you have no idea what being organic means and are interested in finding out, or maybe you already are an organic eater and want to spread awareness to others. Either way, those of you interested in eating organic or learning more about what it means to eat organically, this organization at UNH deserves your attention.

For those of you who do not know what the Organic Garden Club is, it is  part of the Food and Society Initiative of the UNH Sustainability Academy. The OGC is not necessary a "UNH program" in the sense that UNH staff does not run it; it is a student run organization. Their goal is to find ways to spread sustainability to the UNH campus, students, staff and more. Not only are they involved with growing organic foods, but they are involved with the process of why things are organic and how they come to be organic. OGC has won multiple recognitions and awards for their work. In 2007, they won Student Organization of the year! If this post has sparked your interest, this is a great group to get involved with!


Organic Garden Club

This looks like so much fun! Something different to do on campus! I would love to learn more about it!