Healthy Foods for Fall

October 19, 2012

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is the air, and luckily that means some yummy and nutritious fare is back in
season. The cooler weather and shorter days promote a growing season for some
superfoods that you can’t always find in your farmers markets during the summer.
Daily Green

compiled a list of healthy fall food choices you and your friends and family
can make in this crisp time of year.


topped the list, and are in complete abundance this time of year. There are
thousands of species of apples waiting to be picked, and if you take a trip to
go apple picking, that’s a great way to sneak in a little exercise while having
fun. The antioxidant quercetin resides in the skin of most apples and can help
fight off a multitude of diseases.


while great for carving jack-o-lanterns, also boast high values of potassium,
beta-carotene and vitamin A. The taste and smell of pumpkin is pretty desirable
in these autumn months, and more and more recipes are coming out to help
satisfy that seasonal flavor craving.


a dark, leafy, and tasty green that has been showing up in more and more salads
in restaurants across the country is a great way to change up your traditional
salad and add some vitamin K and beta carotene into your diet. Beta-carotene is
an antioxidant that can help shield your immune system from sickness as this
cold and flu season picks up.


a delectable dose of pomegranates this fall and stock up the heart healthy
antioxidants and fiber this pretty fruit provides.


these foods and more can be found at your local farmers market or grocer. Don’t
let this opportunity to try new foods slip away – Because just like the
picturesque days of fall, these foods won’t be in season here for long!

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