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September 26, 2012

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Whenever I drive through campus, those bright green tennis courts always seem to catch my eye.  There are 12 courts in total and 6 are always reserved for UNH students at anytime, while the other 6 are available to be rented out by the public if they would like. The best part about tennis is that you only need one other person and only minimal equipment is required! Tennis rackets can be as inexpensive as $25 and a package of 3 balls is no more than $5. The sport is fairly easy to pick up and it is a blast to play!

Tennis is a lifelong sport because it is low impact and it can be as fast paced or relaxed, as the players would like it to be. There are a variety of health benefits that are achieved from playing tennis. The frequent sprinting and speed changes help to kick-start your heart and keep your cardiovascular system in check. This sport requires a considerable amount of brainpower because it is all about strategy and ball placement. Since tennis requires creativity and muscle repetition, stronger and even new brain neurons may be created! When we repeat a motion over and over, our brain becomes more in tune with the rest of the body. The neural connections associated with the repeated action, such as the forehand or backhand swing, help the action become stronger. So practice really does make perfect! Such connections can even improve one’s memory, learning, and social skills! To learn about more health benefits to playing tennis check out Discovery Fit & Health.

Never played tennis before? Click on this link to find out anything from how to pick out a racket to steps on how to serve: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Play-Tennis/?ALLSTEPS

To get an in depth explanation of all the rules read the International Tennis Federation handbook.  YouTube is also a great resource for tutorials on how to hit a backhand or a slice. 

Try to get out there this fall and enjoy an afternoon on the UNH tennis courts!
The Tennis Team will be hosting a clinic this Friday, September 28, from 4-6pm open to parents and students!

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