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February 29, 2012

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The United States spends 17.6% of our gross domestic product on Health Care— more than any other country in the world. Despite this staggering statistic, we have one of the sickest populations in the world. Does this concern you? Consider majoring in Health Management and Policy. Within the College of Health and Human Services, students may obtain a Bachelor of Science in Health Management and Policy (HMP). HMP graduates remain close to the department, and are often able to provide students with valuable perspectives of life in the health field. Recently, the Department held an Informational Public Health Panel, where Industry professionals told interested students of their roles in various health organizations. Graduates have many opportunities in the expanding field of Health Services—they may become Hospital Administrators, work in Public Health Departments, work for national organizations as health lobbyists, and more. Callie Souza, a junior HMP major in the public health option, explains why she chose to pursue her degree,

“I chose HMP—public health as I am passionate about the health of a population as a whole and recognize the need for more support around issues that are not at the forefront of political and “the average citizen’s” priority list. I also believe public health to be versatile and stable so that I can be confident in my ability to obtain a job and find my niche in the field.”

Callie is not alone in her passion. Most students in the Department seem to share an eagerness to help people by transforming the United States’ current broken Health Care System. The Industry needs help more than ever before. As the Department’s website explains,  “Existing trends, such as the aging population, increasing health care technology, rising costs, and the expansion of managed care, all suggest that the need (for Health Managers) will continue to expand in the years ahead.”

If interested in checking out the major, two recommended introductory courses would be HMP 401: US Healthcare Systems, and HMP 403: Introduction to Public Health. Both courses provide a key foundation in learning more about the field, and are offered each semester. If looking to support the major, consider helping the Department’s Student Organization for Health Leadership (SOHL) by participating in their 5k-trail race. The funds raised will go towards scholarships for HMP students. Registration is $15 and can be found here. The Department hopes to raise awareness of the Health Industry, and the versatile opportunities available after graduation.

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