Why Go Organic?

December 2, 2011


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For the health conscious student who does not have a meal
plan, here is some information regarding where your purchased food comes from.

Some individuals choose to buy organically produced food
goods. What exactly does this mean? CNN
asserts that, organic foods are simply foods which are not grown using
synthetic fertilizers, chemicals, radiation or genetic engineering. While the
use of fertilizers, chemicals, etc. may sound scary, according to the United
States Drug Administration
there is no evidence at this time that these practices affect the nutritional
content of the food.

Many other sources disagree. They argue that we don’t know
the long term affects yet of consuming pesticides, and it could potentially be
very harmful.

How can you know what to choose for yourself? Generally,
organic food costs more, and when on a budget, cost is important.

The answer may not be black and white. Consumers may want to
choose some organic produce, over others. Certain produce collects and retains
more pesticides than others. It has been shown that apples, celery,
strawberries, peaches, spinach, bell peppers, potatoes, and blueberries are just
some of produce that retain a larger portion of the chemicals and pesticides
they have been sprayed with.

At the end of the day however, what matters is that is that
we all get the fruits and veggies our bodies need, organically grown or not.

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Organic foods are grown under sustainable farming and thus do not uses any harmful or chemical fertilizers. So most of teh people now a days are preferring to buy organic items. But in most of the grocery stores we can find expensive organic items that is out of budget. So it is important to choose wisly about what to buy and from where. I think local organic farmer's market sell items at reasonable price and you can get fresh products from there. So choosing organic food wisely is important and you must ensure the quality of food.

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