Wrinkles or Weight Loss?

March 2, 2011

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We all know that if we want to effectively lose weight, exercise is a must. But there are some instances in which your workout routine may not give you the results you want. We’re talking wrinkles! Yes the perfect body would be well, perfect…but are we sacrificing our youthful stature for the sake of a flat stomach? In the Women’s Health Magazine article titled Your Fanny or Your Face?  we are forced to face the facts, as we get older we have to compromise between our figure and our features. As we age into our forties our face begins to lose the youthfulness it once endowed. Facial volume decreases which gives the eyes that sunken appeal, attributes to hollow cheeks and the skin begins to lose its elasticity revealing more wrinkles. What does exercise have to do with what appears to be the natural aging process? Well, when we spend hours at the gym, every meal counting calories, and constantly are trying to maintain a miniscule number on the scale, the fat in our faces is the first to go! Seems like a good thing, right? Wrong. We need the fat in our faces to give it the firm and plump look we all associate with being young. Collagen and elastin fibers that allow our skin to stretch and shrink back to normal weaken as we age, and losing too much fat from the faces results in sagging -  one word no one likes to hear.

So what are we to do? Sacrifice a bikini body if we want to look young? There is a way to be healthy and confident without having to worry about looking older than the number on the scale! The best tip dermatologist Dorris Day, M.D. from New York University Langone Medical Center can give is to maintain between 15-25 percent of your body fat. So, while you may want to do an extra 30 minutes of cardio at the gym after a tough workout class, it’s okay to take a break once and a while. Amp up on the squats and lunges to keep your fanny in place but take pride in the fat you carry on your face! In today’s media, being ultra thin has become the fad, whereas in history those who were more rotund were praised for their glowing beauty. There is such a thing as good fat, but I’m not sure we’ve all agreed there is such a thing as good wrinkles.

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