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September 17, 2014

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The school year has just begun, now is great time to start healthy eating habits. Starting new eating habits can be difficult. Where do you start? In the dining halls all the food that is served has little green cards with all the nutritional facts needed to make a healthier choice. In addition to the nutritional cards  you can also find the Guiding Stars. These stars shown will help guide you to better options at the dining halls. Each star has a grading system, one star is good, two is better, and three is best. You will receive confidence knowing that you are making the best meal choice.

This new found confidence will give you motivation to continue your healthy eating. The switch to eating healthy is the start of an ongoing domino effect. The famous saying when we were younger, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Could this be true? Making the simple choice between an apple or candy bar could lead to better behavior for rest of the day. You could find yourself taking the stairs instead of using the evaluator. All these choices will help lead you to a healthier life that could reduce frequent doctor visits. Nutrition is the foundation for a lot of the choices we make throughout the day. It may seem like a simple change to be making but the benefits are what change your life.

Today is University Day so make sure you swing by the Healthy UNH table to pick up your apple! This apple could be the first step for you to change your habits. Apples have great surprising benefits, so make sure to grab yours! If you miss us on U-Day you can grab one on your way out of the dining hall or go apple picking with friends.

Healthy UNH interns on U-Day 2014

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