Health Cost and Assistance Programs

March 14, 2014

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Health care is a hefty expense in the United States, and over the years has contributed greatly to our nation’s debt. According to the article written by John Ydstie, the Congressional Budget Office recently stated that the deficit is about to be one-third the size in 2014 than it was in 2009, which prompted the Great Recession. The high cost of health care also threatens funding to government assistance programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. This poses a huge problem because in a country with a troubled economy, many people depend on government programs that provide them with services such as doctor and dental visits and food stamps at minimal to no cost.

So as college students, why should we care about high health costs or government assistance programs such as Medicare? Medicare is a program that provides health insurance for Americans adults 65 and older and as well as others. So thinking about our parents and grandparents, we hope that they will always have the opportunity to see a doctor or medical personnel if need be, and Medicare has the ability to provide just that. Thankfully, due to the recent decrease in health cost, the cuts to Medicare and other government assistance programs were not as deep as predicted. Maintaining a low health cost is essential to the growth and stability of these programs. There are many working individuals whose employers don’t offer a health care plan and are therefore stuck paying high costs for medical and dental visits. Overall lower health costs allows for a steady flow of funding to government assistance programs for those who would otherwise go without doctor visits when they need them. We all need to stay informed, because health care costs effect everyone.

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