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Many students are feeling a lot of anxiety about the end of the semester that is fast approaching. With exams, papers, and final projects, the work seems endless. It is important that we all stay in good mental health so that we can finish out the semester strong! The best way to combat your end of semester work is to manage your time wisely and keep a positive and clear mind. It is also important that you take study breaks; take a walk, have a snack, do something that isn’t school related to give your brain a break. Pushing yourself too far will only result in mental blocks and high levels of anxiety. Be kind to yourself, approach finals with a calm, open mind and you will succeed. UNH has many resources available for students in preparation for finals week including Frazzle Free Finals! Frazzle Free Finals is a series of stress relieving activities held in the diamond library during the week of finals. Healthy UNH, Dining Services and a few other groups on campus put together the event to provide students with health promoting stress relievers. Some activities that are included in Frazzle Free Finals are free chair massages, cookie and coffee breaks, and puppies are brought in for therapeutic playtime! Each activity is a great way to take a break from studying and let your brain process all of the information that you are loading it with. Frazzle Free Finals starts Monday, December 9th and ends Wednesday, December 11th, so don’t miss your chance, be sure to stop by and grab a snack or pet a puppy! Remember, to focus, work hard, and most importantly, breathe! Good luck and let’s finish this semester with a bang!

For a full list of Frazzle Free Finals events and times, visit the Healthy UNH website!

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