Health (Medical or Psychological) Withdrawal for Undergraduate UNH Students

Note: Graduate students should contact Cari Moorhead, Ph.D. Associate Dean, UNH Graduate School at

Withdrawal Process and Readmission* Policy

During the fall and spring semesters, when classes are in session, requests for withdrawal from the University for health (medical or psychological) reasons are initiated through the Assistant Vice President for Student & Academic Services/Executive Director of Health & Wellness, Dr. Kevin Charles (603-862-1098).  Note: After classes end, you must contact your college’s Associate Dean. If you receive any financial aid, the effective date of your withdrawal may affect your present and/or future financial aid.  Please check with the Business Services Office (603-862-2230).  

  1. Within one week of talking with Dr. Charles at Health & Wellness, you will need to request a letter from your health care provider (physician, therapist, etc.).

    Note: This letter must be typed on office letterhead stationery; it must indicate the diagnosis and/or specific nature of your health condition, and verify and support that as the reason for your need to withdraw from UNH. This confidential information will remain at Health & Wellness.

    View a sample withdrawal letter.

    Have the health care provider mail, email, or fax the letter to: 

    Dr. Kevin Charles
    Assistant VP/Executive Director 
    Health & Wellness 
    4 Pettee Brook Lane 
    Durham, NH 03824-3576
    (Fax#: 603-862-4259)

    You will also need to print and complete the Request to Withdraw Form, and mail or fax it back to Dr. Charles. Please note that UNH policy states that students are prohibited from readmission until one semester has elapsed following a health withdrawal.

  2. If you live on campus, check out of your residence hall/apartment; leave your key with the Hall Director or Assistant Hall Director; and sign off on your room inventory form.  This process will determine your official checkout date from your residence.  Any possible refund is calculated according to that date.
  3. If you presently live on campus and will require on-campus housing upon your intended return to UNH, contact Sarah Taylor at the Housing Office (862-1754).  If your condition will require any physical modifications to your room/bathroom, you must notify the Housing Office and the Office of Disability Services for Students (862-2607) at least 12 weeks prior to your intended arrival.
  4. If you have a UNH dining (meals) plan, contact the UNH Dining/ID Office at 862-1821 regarding any potential refund.
  5. You are responsible for determining how your withdrawal may affect your health insurance coverage.
    Note: In New Hampshire, college students who are state residents are covered by legislation that requires health insurance companies to continue coverage for at least one year when the student is on a medical leave of absence (medical withdrawal).

*If You Plan to Return to UNH

  1. Every student who plans to return to the University must apply through the Admissions Office. Contact the Admissions Office (862-1360) for a Readmission Form (you may also print one from the website). This form must be completed, sent to the Admissions Office, and approved before you will be allowed to resume your studies at UNH.
  2. In addition to the Readmission Form, you must obtain a letter from your health care provider who has treated you since your withdrawal, indicating the extent of your treatment and the provider's assessment of your readiness to resume studies, a description of the current status of your condition, and any special needs you may require upon your arrival on campus. Have the letter sent directly to Health & Wellness, Executive Director’s Office, 4 Pettee Brook Lane, Durham, NH 03824.  View a sample readmission letter
  3. The health care provider's information will be confidentially reviewed by the Executive Director of Health & Wellness. The Admissions Office will consult with the Executive Director of Health & Wellness and your Academic Dean before making a final decision regarding your admission.