Ill or Injured

The Health Services medical staff consists of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, medical assistants.  We offer a team approach to helping you address your health concern. We provide the same type of care you receive from your primary health care provider at home or in your hometown.

Medical Care at UNH Health Services

You can meet with a Health Services clinician for medical evaluation, treatment and if necessary, referrals for a variety of common health concerns including:


Some Examples of Other Health Concerns:

We can assist with these health concerns (and many more). 

Additional Information 

*We do not provide dental or vision care. Call (603) 862-2856 for referrals to local providers.

Medical Excuses  

It is the policy of the University of New Hampshire Health Services that individual medical excuses are not provided for students missing classes or exams due to illness. It is the student’s responsibility to inform professors of illness or reasons for absence. This policy is supported by the Academic Standards and Advising Committee. Professors are advised to consult with their Associate Dean.